July-Dec 2004 issue
(page 72-73)

MEMENTOS (Styling by Oliver Y. Roxas and Text by Annie S. Alejo)

COMMEMORATING your special day means more than just gathering your wedding photos and videos and letting them gather dust in locked drawers. Sharing your wedding with your friends and loved ones takes on special meaning when the couple takes time to choose the perfect souvenirs given as tokens of appreciation to guests.

From tired old trinkets like the dainty bells and glass figurines that were all the rage in the '80s, wedding mementos have taken new form - gifts are now more personalized and are mostly designed to echo the wedding theme. Forget items that will only serve as bookshelf trinkets or barely-used paperweights. Novel ideas - whether edible or ornamental - will send your friends the message that you have really thought long and hard about how to express your gratitude to them.

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