Boxing day today,
(The Philippine Star, April 17, 2004, page E-3)

Party favors and other sugary sweets get sweeter when you put them in specialty boxes exclusively from It's the Box that Counts. For years, truffles, chocolates as well as Jordan Almonds have been offered in weddings, private parties and celebrations around the world.

Now, you can relive the tradition by showering your guests with your sweet token of appreciation in fine packaging.

It's the Box that Counts offers imported quality boxes in rich crisp designs and patterns fit for almost every special occasion. Different designs, colors and sizes to match different motifs are available to choose from.

Whatever your special gathering - wedding, debut, a baptismal, or corporate celebration - you can count on these boxes to contain any gift or favor suitable to your taste.

There is no limit to what you can pack into these elegant boxes - from miniature wine to fragrant soaps, candles and semi-precious stones.

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